Kimball Console Piano

Console Piano

Kimball dealership was a well known name in the 18th and 19th century and was founded by W.W. Kimball. This dealership was initially started in 1857 by Kimball but even after gaining name and fame in the making of Pianos they stopped producing pianos for some time in 1996 and now they are back again with their popular models of Kimball pianos and are very well known for their unique Kimball Console Piano all over world. Even after having a break in their piano making still the Kimball Console pianos remain the first choice for any piano buyer and are known as one of America's most popular and well designed keyboard. Kimball Console piano like all other types of pianos are crafted at the main factory located in Chicago and presently the company is owned by Edward F Richards.

Edward Richard had a passion in making the pianos and wanted to bring new upgrades to the pianos that were already in market with improvised construction and at affordable price ranges without compromising on the quality. These passions lead to the making of one of the finest pianos like Kimball Console Piano which is well known for its quality and tone. Kimball now owned by Edward who is an American piano technician and he has given rebirth to the Kimball piano industry and this firmed the historical Kimball piano roots deep into Chicago. Edward focus is on the musical instruments and technical details of all basic designs and construction of American pianos. This dedicated effort from Edward resulted in the series of new line pianos from the original Brand name Kimball.

Kimball Console piano and Kimball Grand pianos with the magical touch of Edward’s passion come in different models. With the insight of Edward in the making of Vertical pianos Kimball introduced new line of vertical pianos like which were named as K-44 model which is a 44 inch Kimball console piano. Even though it is new in construction but still remains looking exactly like the Old American furniture matching Kimball Console piano. This new model of Kimball console piano is completely hand crafted with hand lacquer finish and come in Cherry and Oak models. 

The other Kimball Console Piano is named K-49 studio upright model which is a 49inch upright piano that has special features of Agraffes and German Strunz looking soundboard. The upright model of Kimball Console piano is a perfect home use piano that can make a huge impact and transform a simple home to a royal palace. The pricing of all models of Kimball Console pianos is over $20000. To some this price is very high but we can find many used Piano selling shops and online used piano selling sites that offer Kimball Console pianos for less than half the actual price depending on the condition of the piano. So for Kimball console piano lovers all over world who cannot afford the price for new piano can always look for a used one as pianos can last decades if they are in good shape.